What Do You Think of Interactive Beer Bottles?

Since my business is printing custom wine labels and beer labels for home winemakers and brewers, I spend a lot of time looking at commercial labels. This has led me to pay attention to the bottles themselves, as well as the rest of the packaging that beverages come in.

I guess you could say I’m a bit of a packaging geek.

That’s why I was intrigued when I saw the announcement of the new Heineken Ignite interactive beer bottles.

You read that correctly: Heineken has a new beer bottle that interacts with you. Well…that’s how they describe it. I’d say it’s a neat little promotional gimmick if you happen to be drinking one in a dark room.

Basically, they have a whole bunch of technology crammed into the bottom of the bottle. I’m sure the circuit board doesn’t touch the beer! I have to assume it’s all on the outside of the glass.

The bottle has LEDs that light up at different times. The bottle will remain dark when just sitting on a table, but when you pick it up to drink, it blinks. It also lights up when you hoist the bottle for a toast, or clink them together.

The interactive beer bottles have wireless networking that can light up the LEDs to music, so they will flash in time with the beat in a club.

Wireless networking and lights in your beer? Well, according to this article, you won’t find these at the grocery store any time soon. But Heineken may make them available to clubs.

If you’d like to see the new Heineken bottles in action, check out this video. You get a good look at the bottles starting at the 1:00 minute mark:

What do you think of these interactive beer bottles? If you could put interactive technology in your wine bottle, what would you want it to do? Leave a comment on this blog with your ideas.

2 thoughts on “What Do You Think of Interactive Beer Bottles?

    • I tend to agree with you Kevin. I think its a cool idea… just executed poorly. Pulsing with the music was kind of cool. But “interactive”? I think they need a dictionary. 🙂

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