Home Winemaking Schedule – Do You Have One?

Home Winemaking ScheduleI have to admit, I’ve never thought much about having a home winemaking schedule. It just hasn’t been an issue until about a year ago.

I started making wine several years ago. Like many others, I made a bunch of wine at first. And it was okay, but not great. So I set it aside.

I made some more, and it was also just okay. And I set it aside.

Then I made a couple of batches that were a little better than okay, so I started drinking those.

This went on for a couple of years. I never made a lot of wine at one time, because life was pretty busy and I just don’t have a lot of space to store either the wine or the equipment in my house.

Eventually I opened another one of those first “okay” bottles. Only now it had been aging for a few years. And it was great!

Amazing… What had been a mediocre wine had turned into something special with age. So I started to drink up our older wines, and slacked off on new production for a while. By this time Mrs. Noontime was also making wine, but not a lot. After all, we already had a lot of good wine in the house.

And then something happened. About a year ago, we began to realize that our better wines were starting to run out. So we stepped up our winemaking again.

Only, now we had a bunch of young wines, and just a few bottles here and there of old favorites.

What to do? Make more wine, of course! (And build more storage racks to hold it all.)

Have you ever had this problem? Do you have a plan to make sure your cellar stays well stocked with nicely aged wine? Help a fellow winemaker out and tell me all about it in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Home Winemaking Schedule – Do You Have One?

  1. I do have a schedule but that is largely based on the seasons here in NH where I live. My fresh fruit wines are only made between June and September, cider is made in October and I typically take some time off late in the year when my house is otherwise colder than the rest of the year. Technically I can make kit wines all year round but I usually do that in the Spring or Fall of each year. I must be on the hemispheric calendars there…


  2. Thanks, Jason! That could be part of the problem… there’s really only one season in southern FL. Something to think about, for sure. 🙂

  3. We are still in the early portion of what you describe. Only instead of putting up the mediocre wines and drinking the good ones, we’ve simply been drinking them all, haha. So I have really ramped up production. I’m out of school at the moment and don’t have much else to do. Don’t even have a wine yet that has improved for time (because they don’t last) but with what’s sitting in carboys now, I should find out what that’s like next year!

    • Some time really makes a HUGE difference Tom. Every wine I’ve ever made has taken about a year to really start showing the true wine it is. We’re in a crazy phase right now where we’ve been making 2 batches of wine every few weeks. So hopefully we’ll create a long tern stash.

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