How to Name Homemade Wine

Home winemakers have a great number of references to turn to when they have a question about making wine. Between books, the internet, magazines, and winemaking groups, there’s a lot of information available. But one thing they never tell you is how to name homemade wine.

In fact, we hear that a lot from other winemakers. “What should I name my wine?”

The best answer I’ve seen so far? “It depends.”

There are a lot of considerations in how to name homemade wine. The name of your wine can convey the personality of your wine, and of you, the winemaker. Depending on what you choose, you can set a tone for your wine and how others perceive it, and characterize it as simple, sophisticated, or even silly.

Although tradition is still common, there does seem to be a trend toward the unusual, at least in commercial wines. It used to be that wine names were pretty simple. You named your wine after yourself, your farm, or maybe a family member. But according to a recent story in Forbes Magazine, wine names are getting “wackier and wackier”. Commercial wines are competing for your attention, and they are getting it with a quirky name and probably a crazy label to match.

Commercial winemakers have to stand out from hundreds of other bottles on the shelves. You, however, don’t have to worry about competition. So you’re free to do whatever you want. As a home winemaker, you only have to think about your label looking good and saying something you like.

You also have Noontime Labels on your side, which gives you access to hundreds of pre-designed labels. And all these labels already have names, so you might find one that already matches you and your wine. You can order small quantities of custom wine labels, and you can even use two or more different labels on the same batch of wine if you want.

how to name homemade wine

How to name homemade wine?

So, what should you name your wine?

Whatever you want!

You can name your wine after your child, spouse, pet, favorite car, sports team, or your High School Civics teacher. Pick a word out of the dictionary, or use a quote from your favorite poem. Your wine can be named after your favorite foods, your favorite color, or your favorite TV show.

An important thing to remember when you name your wine is to make it your own. Make it meaningful to you, and have some fun with it if you like. Most of all, enjoy your wine!

Once you have the name of your wine, you’re going to need some labels from Noontime Labels. Quirky, sophisticated, simple or complex, we have hundreds of pre-designed labels to choose from. Come visit our online custom wine label gallery and check out your options.

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