Give Homemade Wine and Beer Gifts this Holiday

Would you like to give homemade wine and beer gifts to friends and family for the holidays? Of course you would! You’ve put a lot of care, effort, and time into your hand-crafted beverages. Everyone on your list will appreciate homemade wine or beer, and this is a great time to show off your creations to those you love.

It’s easy to give homemade wine and beer gifts during the holidays. Dress up your bottles with custom labels for wine and beer, and you’re good to go!

We have hundreds of designs to choose from on our website. Here are just a few that have a festive holiday theme. Note: every year we add new designs, and some of these from the past may not be on our website currently.

Check out the rest of our labels here:

Looking for more gift ideas for the wine lovers on your list this year? Here are some of the items we’ve found:

For the serious wine drinker who wants to enjoy one glass at a time, check out the Coravin. This new device allows you to pour a glass without removing the cork, and without exposing your wine to air.

New wine drinkers who want to learn more about wine will love The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert (affiliate link). This book gives you the low-down on the common components of wine, including 16 different scratch and sniff smells to help you hone your senses.

When you need a gift for the wine lover who already has everything they need to enjoy their wine, consider a pair of sunglasses with frames made out of used wine barrels from Robert Mondavi Private Selection.

For even more ideas, here are some articles we’ve found with more wine gift suggestions:

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But really, you can’t go wrong with giving bottles of your homemade wine…

What’s the best wine gift you’ve ever received, or given? Let us know in the comments!

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