6 Surprising Wine Facts

Wine may be a complex topic, but home winemakers are pretty knowledgeable when it comes to fermented grapes. And we always love to learn more. That’s why we wanted to share these 6 surprising wine facts with you. Enjoy!

1.  Most wines are not made for aging. The majority of wine is put on the shelves to be bought and enjoyed within a short period of time…probably best within 2 years of purchase. It’s estimated that only about 10% of red wines and 5% of white wines have the potential to improve when aged more than 5 years. Due to complex chemical reactions that occur over time, few wines will improve with age… and only when properly stored.

2.  When given a cork in a restaurant it’s not to sniff, but to inspect for damage or mold. Sniffing the wine in the glass will tell you more about the quality of wine and if it has “cork taint”.surprising wine facts

3.  Despite 6,000 pounds per square inch of pressure, there are many intact bottles of wine with the sunken Titanic. What kind and how many is still unknown, but the best guess is German wines, Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne.

Wine on Titanic


4.  No one really knows what the oldest wine in the world is, but a 1,650 year old bottle in Germany is a very good candidate. Although no one has ever tasted it, the Pfalz National Museum’s curator says “micro-biologically it is probably not spoiled, but it would not bring joy to the palate.”

World's Oldest Wine

5.  Whats the most expensive wine? In 2010 an Asian buyer purchased three bottles of Châteaux Lafite-Rothschild 1869 for $232,692 a bottle, setting a record for the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold at auction. At $232,692 a bottle, the Lafite 1869 works out to about $29,000 a glass, or more than $2,000 a sip.

6.  The largest wine cellar in the world is The State Enterprise Quality Wines Industrial Complex, or “Mileștii Mici”  for short. Located in Moldova, a small country between Romania and Ukraine, it has tunnels stretching over 120 miles and was awarded the Guinness World Record for “Biggest Wine Collection” and “Biggest Wine Cellar” in 2005.

Biggest Wine Cellar
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