Boo! Custom Halloween Wine Labels are Here

Can you believe Halloween is just two weeks away? Don’t worry, though. You still have time to order custom Halloween wine labels for your bottles of homemade wine and brew. Your bottles will be the hit of your Halloween bash, and adult “trick-or-treaters” will love them as gifts.

We’ve added several new custom Halloween wine labels to our designs. Check out three of our popular label templates:

Custom Halloween Wine LabelsYou can find more custom Halloween wine labels to choose from at our label gallery.

To make sure you receive your labels by Halloween, simply place your order by October 26. We’ll print your personalized wine labels and ship them to you right away, so you’ll have them by October 31.
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Wine Tasting in St. Augustine Florida

We just discovered wine tasting in St. Augustine. Who knew?

We live in Florida. It’s a long way to travel if I want to go to any of the famous wine regions. And that’s unfortunate, because Mrs. Noontime and I really enjoy wine tasting. But we’ve been pretty busy lately, and there hasn’t been time to get away for a wine vacation since our trip to Monterey, CA.Wine Tasting in St. Augustine - San Sebastian Winery

As it turns out, however, we can still have a small wine vacation near home. Last month we went away for a weekend trip to a winery that was just a four-hour drive from where we live.
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How to Name Homemade Wine

Home winemakers have a great number of references to turn to when they have a question about making wine. Between books, the internet, magazines, and winemaking groups, there’s a lot of information available. But one thing they never tell you is how to name homemade wine.

In fact, we hear that a lot from other winemakers. “What should I name my wine?”

The best answer I’ve seen so far? “It depends.”

There are a lot of considerations in how to name homemade wine. The name of your wine can convey the personality of your wine, and of you, the winemaker. Depending on what you choose, you can set a tone for your wine and how others perceive it, and characterize it as simple, sophisticated, or even silly.
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When Bad Things Happen to Good Wine Bottles

The next time you’re having a bad day, just remember: it could be worse.You could have just lost some perfectly good wine bottles in a tragic accident.

Overall, I have a pretty sunny disposition. Most of the time I’m downright happy. Why wouldn’t I be? Life is good!

But I have bad moods, too. Sometimes it just takes a little thing to trigger it. The computer that won’t boot up, a stain on my favorite shirt, or a traffic jam when I’m running late can cause a perfectly good day to go bad.

Times like these, when things start going wrong, I find it helps to remember that things can always be worse. Like it was for these people:
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Wine Tasting in Monterey CA

Mrs. Noontime and I were in California a couple of weeks ago for the WineMaker Magazine home winemaking conference. We took advantage of the opportunity to add a few extra days for wine tasting in Monterey. After all, the California coast is a long way from where we live in Florida… might as well get the most out of the trip!

Our big goal for this trip was to try as many wines as we could while we were there. And we managed quite a few.
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A Guide to Drinking Wine when Flying (Passengers Only!)

Have you ever wondered if drinking wine when flying is worth it? After all, how good can airplane wine actually be?

Noontime Labels is once again proud to sponsor the annual WineMaker Magazine Conference, held this year in Monterey, CA. The conference starts May 17, and I have a lot to get ready in the next week and a half.

drinking wine when flyingOne of the fun things I get to do is to select some of my own homemade wines to share at the Wine Share and Tasting Party. And I’ve been wondering how my wines will hold up on the flight from Florida to California.
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Zaza the Grape Grower and Home Winemaking

You never know where home winemaking is going to pop up…

We loan money through If you haven’t heard of it before, is a nonprofit that helps people overcome poverty by loaning money. Loans are made in increments of $25, and they help people build businesses, provide education for their children, and create better homes for their families.

Since provides loans and not charity, empowering recipients to lift themselves out of poverty. And the lender is eventually repaid, so they can re-lend the money, helping another person. It’s a wonderful cycle of a small investment with the potential to make a big difference in the world.
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R.I.P. Storm Elvin Thorgerson… and Thank You

Yesterday, iconic artist and designer Storm Elvin Thorgerson died.

You may not recognize his name, but if you have listened to any music since the late Sixties, you have probably encountered his work.

Storm was an integral part of the music industry. During his amazing 40 year career, he created many of the most memorable Rock & Roll album covers for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and so many others.

Thank you, Storm, for creating the images and art that defined the music of my youth!220px-Dark_Side_of_the_Moon Led_Zeppelin_-_Houses_of_the_Holy peter