Wine Label Sizes – Which Label is Best for Your Wine Bottles?

There are many different wine label sizes available to winemakers. When making DIY wine labels, you may think that designing your label first and then putting them on your bottles makes sense. But remember this: Size matters! Well, wine label size, that is.

wine bottle partsWine Bottle Parts

Wine bottles can have vastly different body sizes. The body is the flat part between the heel and the shoulder where you adhere the label. Unless you have a label shape that is specifically designed to work on a curved surface, the flat wall of the body is the only place your label should go.



Best Wine Label Sizes

What’s the best wine label size for your bottle? The one that Continue reading

Winemaking and Wine Industry News

We’ve been catching up on winemaking and wine industry news lately, and here are a few of the more interesting stories we found this week. We’ve provided a synopsis below, and you can click the links to read the rest of the news stories. Hope you enjoy them!

Picking Bama’s Best Wines

All 50 states in the US have wineries, and every winemaker is trying to make the best wine possible. The fourth Annual Alabama Commercial Wine competition will be handing out awards to the best submissions from twenty-six Alabama Wineries and Breweries.

Sonoma Winery Introduces Cannabis-Infused Wine

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Wine and Beer Festivals for Summer 2018 – UPDATED

UPDATED JULY 2018: We’ve put together a (partial) list of upcoming summer wine and beer festivals and expos that are sure to appeal to home winemakers, beer brewers, and enthusiasts. With events all over the United States and Canada, you should be able to find an event to enjoy!

Please note, while we’ve done our best to ensure the accuracy of this list, events, dates, prices and venues are subject to change or cancellation. Please check the event’s website to confirm all details before you go.

Do you have an event you’d like us to add to this list? Let us know in the comments, or send us an email to Be sure to include a link to the website or online announcement. Thanks!


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Wine Tasting in Iowa

Earlier this month we traveled to the Grapevine Midwest Viniculture Expo in Davenport, Iowa. Attending the conference and trade show to promote our custom and personalized wine labels was our primary reason for the trip. However, we also took a little time to do something we enjoy: wine tasting in Iowa.

Any time we travel, we try to allow time to visit local wineries. We like to learn more about regional wine industries, discover grape varietals that we’ve never tasted, and see what winemakers are creating from the grapes available to them.

We’ve had the good fortune to travel to several wine regions in the United States where they are growing fruit other than what you might find in France or California. Something we’ve discovered is that no matter where we go, we’re able to find good local wines.

Our trip to Iowa wine country was no exception. The Iowa Wine Trail is filled with good quality, award-winning wines. Continue reading

How to Design Professional Looking Wine Labels Using Color

One of the most common questions I get is about how to design professional looking wine labels. It doesn’t matter whether you are a home winemaker or a commercial winery — you want your label to look good and to enhance your bottle. And I believe all wine deserves a high quality label!

So, to help with that, I’m sharing some tips on how to design a label fit for your finest bottle of wine. That way you can have professional looking wine labels on your bottles, without spending a fortune.

This post will focus on how to use color like a pro in your wine label designs.

Now, you may not think your choice of color is as important as, say, the images you use in your design, or even the text on your label. But your choice of colors can send a message – subtle, or not-so-subtle – about your wine’s taste and characteristics. Using color in your wine label is a simple way to make your wine stand out … and can even help others enjoy your wine more. Continue reading

Tasting Wine and Mead in Savannah, Georgia

We have one thing on our mind when we travel: where’s the wine? Okay, maybe our trips are about more than that. But we do look around to see what’s happening with wine wherever we are. So it’s little surprise that we were tasting wine and mead in Savannah, GA.

Have you ever been to Savannah? If you have, you’ve probably explored the historic River Street. The Savannah Bee Company has a store right there along the river. It’s a lovely place to stop in and take a break from the humidity, as well as try some of their honey products.

And one of their premier products is mead!

tasting mead

We had a lovely time tasting wine and mead, as well as the other honey available in the store. It’s a nice break from your shopping or as an after-meal treat. And the employees were very enthusiastic about bees, honey, mead, and other bee products.
tasting mead and wine

tasting wine and mead

It’s no wonder bees do well in Savannah. There were flowers, trees and shrubs everywhere, as well as ideal weather. As a result, the bees have plenty of food to choose from! It’s great that someone decided to make mead from the local honey. As more people discover the wonders of mead, there’ll be more action to help preserve bee habitats.

Savannah Georgia

The next time you’re in Savannah, be sure to go to the Savannah Bee Company. Enjoy tasting wine and mead as you wander the historic city.

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