Custom Wine Label of the Week – Blue Wave

Introducing our Custom Wine Label of the Week: Blue Wave!Custom Wine Label Blue WaveThis classy label is designed to showcase your own photo. You can upload your own image, giving you the opportunity to have a truly custom label. This one-of-a-kind, personalized label is perfect for many different occasions:

Wedding or Engagement Wine Labels – Use a photo of the happy couple in order to create personalized labels to celebrate your engagement or wedding. A bottle of homemade wine sporting a custom wine label makes a great party favor, too.
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Why Put a Custom Wine Label on Your Homemade Wine?

Why put a custom wine label on your homemade wine? To avoid mystery wine, of course!

When I first started making homemade wine several years ago, I didn’t think much about labeling my bottles. After all, I had 30 bottles of Zinfandel… how hard can it be to remember that?

Even after I made my second batch of wine and had 30 bottles of Valpolicella in addition to 20 or so bottles of Zin, I still didn’t worry about it. But once I bottled my third batch, a mixed fruit wine, it became a little harder to keep track of each bottle.
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Wine Label Designs for Your Homemade Wine

Just in time for spring, check out one of the newest custom wine label designs at Noontime Labels: Flip Flop!

Custom Wine Label Designs

Like many of our label designs, Flip Flop is a fun way to show off your wine. You can use it either way you like, with the positive or negative background on top. Or use them both ways to have two different looks for your bottles.

Note, Flip Flop wine label designs aren’t currently in the Noontime Labels gallery. If you’re interested in this label for your wine, please contact us.

You can also browse the label gallery here. You’ll find hundreds of wine label designs available to customize and order. All you have to do is type your text, view the preview on the screen, and place your order. We do the rest by printing and shipping high quality labels for homemade wine directly to you.