Why Put a Custom Wine Label on Your Homemade Wine?

Why put a custom wine label on your homemade wine? To avoid mystery wine, of course!

When I first started making homemade wine several years ago, I didn’t think much about labeling my bottles. After all, I had 30 bottles of Zinfandel… how hard can it be to remember that?

Even after I made my second batch of wine and had 30 bottles of Valpolicella in addition to 20 or so bottles of Zin, I still didn’t worry about it. But once I bottled my third batch, a mixed fruit wine, it became a little harder to keep track of each bottle.

I started using neckbands to mark my bottles as they sat on the wine rack. That worked well for a week or two. homemade wine and cat

And then my cats discovered how much fun it was to knock those little pieces of paper off of the bottles and bat them around the house.no custom wine label!

This led to what Mrs. Noontime dubbed “mystery wine.”

Now, it can be fun to open a bottle of mystery wine once in a while. But as I got more bottles aging (13 different wines at last count), it became apparent I needed a better way to keep track of what’s going on.

I experimented with small labels, the kind you buy at an office supply store. They worked, sort of. They were also a pain to remove.

Most of all, they were boring.

I wanted something better for my wine. I love wine, and put a lot of effort into making it. Of course I want a custom wine label that reflects how I feel about it!

And that’s why I started Noontime Labels. I wanted a good quality label, something that had character and personality to best show off my wine. Removable adhesive would be nice, too. (Who wants to scrape bottles, right?)

In my quest for a better label for my bottles, I realized that I couldn’t be the only one in this position. So I began creating, and now have hundreds of custom wine label designs to choose from. Whether I want a classic, chic, artsy, whimsical, or just plain fun label for my wine, there is a label for that.

Now, each of my bottles gets a custom wine label. My wife doesn’t get to tease me about mystery wine anymore, and the cats moved on to other toys.custom wine label

You don’t have to suffer through mystery wine the way I did. Each one of your wines can have a cool label that will reflect how much skill and effort went into your carefully handcrafted beverage. Check out the label gallery today at Noontime Labels to browse our selection and choose a personalized wine label for your wine.

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