Homemade Mango Champagne is a Success!

homemade mango champagneA few months ago we bottled our yearly batch of homemade mango wine, and this year we decided to get a little creative. We made a few bottles of sparkling wine, aka homemade mango champagne, since Mrs. Noontime loves a good champagne, or even a bad one. (Her words, not mine…)

We decided not to do the traditional method of disgorging and just threw yeast and sugar in the bottles (figuratively). We let the yeast do their thing, and will be careful of the sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

Over the weekend we popped open our first sparkler, and it was delicious!

Our homemade mango champagne was dry, wonderfully effervescent, and fruity. It has marvelous mango flavor that pops on the tongue, with the bubbles bringing that wonderful peachy mango aroma right to the nose. We’ll definitely be making more sparkling wines in the future, as we work up the courage to follow the m├ęthode champenoise and make a sweeter one.

Have you ever made a sparkling wine? What kind of wine was it, and how did it turn out? Tell us all about it in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Homemade Mango Champagne is a Success!

  1. I make lots of fizzy wine – not always on purpose. I find my rhubarb and my crab apple are the most liable to explode. Generally the fizziness is beneficial – and I think the rhubarb tastes like a cava. My wife is not so certain.

    • I’ve noticed that a lot of commercial wines, especially sweet whites, have some carbonation in them these days. I agree with you that fizz is a good thing! However, we once had a wine start a new fermentation in the bottle, and the mess was incredible…

      Anyhow, this was my first attempt at deliberately carbonating a wine, and I’m really happy with it. I’m going to have to try some rhubarb wine when it comes back in season… my wife loves Cava (and Prosecco, and Champagne, and Cold Duck, and Sekt, and… well, you get the picture).

      Thanks for stopping by, Ben!

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