Noontime Labels at the WineMaker Magazine Conference, Part 2

The last we spoke, Mrs. Noontime and I were at the 2013 WineMaker Magazine Conference in Monterey, CA. The second day of the conference was just as jam-packed as the first.

We got to spend a lot of time with friends, old and new, in the exhibit area. Thanks to all who stopped by the Noontime Labels booth! We enjoyed talking with everyone!

Noontime Labels Custom Wine Labels

Thanks to Brad Ring for the photo!

At lunch, we got to listen to a panel of columnists from WineMaker Magazine fielding questions from the audience.home winemaker panelists
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Noontime Labels at the WineMaker Magazine Conference

Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post this week, but we’ve been busy at the WineMaker Magazine Conference in Monterey, CA, May 17 and 18, labels at home winemaker conference

Yesterday was an amazing day, with classes on a variety of home winemaking topics. Some of the courses offered were: Wine Kit Blending, Reducing Sulfites, 5 Keys to Great Fermentation, Minimalist Winemaking, and Fixing and Preventing Common Winemaking Problems.

At lunch, we were treated to a keynote address from the Wine Wizard herself, Alison Crowe. She shared winemaking wiz-dom and encouraged us to make wine we enjoy.Wine Wizard Allison Crowe home winemaker conference

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A Guide to Drinking Wine and Flying (Passengers Only!)

Noontime Labels is once again proud to be a sponsor of the annual WineMaker Magazine Conference, held this year in Monterey, CA. The conference starts May 17, and I have a lot to get ready in the next week and a half.

personalized wine labelOne of the fun things I get to do is to select some of my own homemade wines to share at the Wine Share and Tasting Party. And I’ve been wondering how my wines will hold up on the flight from Florida to California.
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Zaza the Grape Grower

Wine works in mysterious ways…

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