Can Champagne Help Protect Your Memory?

Can Champagne help protect your memory? This is a scientific study I would love to volunteer for:

Have Scientists Found Another Reason to Love Champagne?

Researchers at Reading University in the UK have been feeding Champagne to some very lucky lab rats. They have discovered that the equivalent of three glasses of Champagne a week seems to boost the rats’ memories, and may even slow down or ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s.

So far they’ve only conducted lab tests, but they are planning to start human trials soon.

According to the article, they think it’s the phenolic acid found in red grape skins that is causing this beneficial side effect.

The article doesn’t discuss whether or not still wines have this same effect. And it doesn’t say whether or not these are actual Champagnes, or if any sparkling wine made in a traditional fashion will do.

I’m also pretty sure that my Mango Sparkling Wine won’t have the same beneficial effects, since it contains no grape juice. Although, it does taste really good…

So, can Champagne help protect your memory? There needs to be addition research. But to be safe, Mrs. Noontime wants to start drinking a bottle (or two) of Champagne each week. I think that’s a pretty good idea…

What’s your favorite Champagne or sparkling wine? Leave a comment and let me know what I should try the next time I buy wine.

Besides the Mango, I’m partial to the Barefoot Bubbly sparkling wines. They have seven different varieties and are widely available. If you like a sweet sparkler, be sure to give them a try! Mrs. Noontime has yet to find a sparkling wine she doesn’t like.

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