Science Says: Custom Wine Labels Enhance Wine

You know that I am all in favor of labeling your wine. I’ve talked many times about how personalized wine labels will make your wines more enjoyable. In fact, my opinion is custom wine labels enhance wine.

But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to Science! I recently read a couple of scientific studies that back up the fact that beautiful wine labels make better wine. Here they are:

In one study, wine drinkers were given a mid-range bottle of wine that was labeled as table wine. Later they were given the same wine, but this time it was labeled as Grand Cru.

When participants drank what they thought was table wine, they rated it poorly. When they thought they were drinking Grand Cru, they rated it much better. You can read the rest of the study here:

Wine Tasting Trickery

Another experiment took place at a nice restaurant. Participants received a complimentary glass of wine with their meal. All of the participants were served the same wine. However, some of the bottles were labeled as wine from a California winery, while the others were labeled as being from a North Dakota winery.

The participants that thought they were drinking wine from California enjoyed both their wine and their food more than the ones who thought they were drinking North Dakota wine. Here’s a more detailed account of this experiment:

Wine Labels Can Ruin a Restaurant Meal

Both of these studies make the same point: our perception of the wine inside the bottle can be greatly influenced by the label on it.

custom wine labels enhance wine

Which one do you want to drink?

A wine label can even influence other things around us, like how food tastes, or how well we enjoy the evening. It’s not just about the wine itself. Presentation of the bottle, including the label, also matters.

Any wine that you give as a gift, bring to a party, or even serve in your home to others should have a high-quality label on it. A beautiful personalized wine label will help others enjoy your wine the same way you do.

Do you care about your wine? Then put a label on it! Remember, science says: custom wine labels enhance wine.

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