Label Applicators
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The Label Wizard Sheet Label Applicator

The Label Wizard applies sheet peel & stick labels to wine bottles quickly, accurately, and easily. It easily accommodates square or rectangular labels up to 5 1/2" long, and can be used on bottles ranging from 2" to 4" in diameter. With its adjustable carriage, the Label Wizard not only stages the label for a consistent label height placement, but it precisely sets the label in a straight and level position on each and every bottle. The label carriage is made of specially formulated powder coated steel that holds your label in position, but will gently release even the stickiest of labels.

Easy Labeler Roll Label Applicator

Model HC6 The Easy Labeler applies roll labels to wine bottles quickly, accurately, and easily. It accommodates containers from 1.5 inches in diameter to containers 5 inches in diameter, and labels with a vertical height of 4.5 inches. The label roll should not exceed 8 inches in diameter. The HC6 weighs approximately 7 pounds and, as the label roll is installed, measures 12" x 8" by 8 inches tall.