removable wine labels

Our removable wine labels come right off your bottles with no need to soak. Perfect for home winemakers and brewers, these peel and stick labels stay on your bottles. The high tack adhesive is strong enough to keep the labels on the bottles, but makes it really easy to remove them. Just peel off dry, no need to soak in water or use messy solvents. And removal is even easier with the gloss laminate. You can even reposition the label if you get it wrong the first time applying it to the bottle. The removable labels are slightly water resistant, but we don't recommend soaking them in water. They will be able to handle condensation and getting wet.

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About Our Labels

For best results your labels should be applied to clean, oil-free, room-temperature bottles. Obviously room temperature is relative, but warmer is definitely better. We recommend 70 degrees F or higher. Cold surfaces or condensation on a cold container will prevent labels from adhering properly.

Important: If you are reusing bottles and used a solvent to remove a previous label, ensure the glass is thoroughly cleaned before applying the label. Any solvents used to remove a label will prevent a new label from adhering properly. Keep in mind the adhesive bond becomes stronger the longer it’s been applied, so it may take up to a few days to completely set (again, depending on temperature). This can be especially important with the removable adhesive.

Keep in mind the adhesive bond becomes stronger the longer it’s been applied, so it may take a few days to completely cure (again, depending on temperature). Even removable labels will adhere better as time goes on, so a label that's been on a wine bottle for many years will be more difficult to remove.

There are a few different techniques for applying labels by hand, but we’ve found the most reliable is lining the label up with the seam of the bottle. Just find the slight line running vertically up the bottle, then line up the vertical edge of the label with that line. Apply the edge of the label to the line, then rub your finger back and forth across the label while pressing down, slowly moving towards the other side of the label ensuring there are no bubbles or wrinkles