Wine Bottle Labels

There are many different kinds of wine bottle labels, from serious and classic to funny and whimsical. Commercial wines are known for their personalities using colorful imagery, and you can have your own custom wine bottle labels for your homemade wines. Personalized wine bottle labels can make all your home made wine, mead, cider, and beer look their best.

Pay attention to the color of your wine bottle. The label is going to be framed by the color of the bottle and the wine in it. Putting a black label on a black bottle can certainly work, but it has to be done well to get some contrast. You might have a great idea about a green label design and go to all the trouble of designing it, but then you put that green label on a rose’ wine bottle and you realize you don’t like it., pink on pink may lack any contrast…there’s no right or wrong, but make sure you give it some thought beforehand, so you’re not surprised by how things look the first time you put your wine abel on a bottle.

If you have multiple size bottles, you can certainly have more than one label design, just remember to keep your message/branding consistent. Or you can have the same design idea just resized for different size and shape. Or you can choose the smallest common denominator and use the smallest appropriate label on all your bottles. If you’re a home wine maker, you might not be as concerned with a consistent branding effort and like to make all different kinds of labels for every batch, and that’s fantastic. But you probably still want to inventory the bottles you’ll be labeling so you have appropriate size labels for them.

Checkout our label templates here to make your own wine bottle labels.