personalized wine bottles

Home winemakers use personalized wine bottles to make their wines stand out, and make them personal and unique. Putting your homemade wine in a personalized bottle is perfect for gifts and sharing with friends and family. They can be used for wedding favors and corporate gifts as well.

The very first thing to think about is the size and shape of your wine bottle. You have to pick your bottle first. Everything having to do with your label will depend on what bottle you are putting it on. The label will be constrained by the container you’re putting it on. If you use a burgundy bottle, a giant 4x6 inch label will not work. When the straight label meets a curved bottle, it is going to make ripples.  The label will need to be designed for the size of the label… remember that design is basically fitting a bunch of stuff in a particular space, so whether its interior design with furniture, or landscape design with plants, or label design with art and words, it all kind of the same thing. You’ve got a certain number of things, and you’re moving them around until they look good. So the personalized label design…where you put all those things, will be dictated by the size of the label, because you have to fit all your words and artwork within that size label, but the label size will be dictated by the container. So that’s where you need to start.

Check out our photo gallery of our personalized labels on different bottles.

Photo Gallery